Patriot groups held a rally near western station

Monday, April 24, 2017

The event, which was promoted as "demonstration against demonstrators" was organized by Tamás Poszpischek; participants wanted to draw attention to the fact that patriotic Hungarians were fed up with the anti-Hungarian rallies of the past couple of days by foreigners under the pretext of supporting the fake Soros University that has no campuses in the United States yet, it calls itself American University.

The demonstration attended by among others, former Jobbik Member of the National Assembly Szilvia Bertha, Lead Singer of the Szkitia Rock Band Erika Sztrebka, Actor Imre Kassai-Kaszás, and Member of the American Academy of Sciences Ferenc Kertész-Bakos.

At the event Patriot György Budaházy's (who is currently under house arrest) and Singer Tamás Varga-Bíró's voice messages were aired.

About a dozen paid foreign agents wanted to disrupt the demonstration but police didn't let the liberal trash close to the patriotic crowd.

The agent provocateurs came with colonial flags and held up anti-government and Soros praising banners.

Organizer of the event Tamás Poszkschek told PestiSrá that it was unacceptable that foreign organizations create unrest and disturbance in Hungary.

Agent provocateurs came with the colonial flag

Agent provocateurs wanted to disrupt the demonstration but police prevented them to do so

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