Seven hundred Ukrainian kids will spend part of their summer vacation in Hungary

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Due to the generous support of the Hungarian government seven hundred Ukrainian children will spend part of their summer vacation in Hungary this year.

The news has been announced by the Minister of State for Citizenship and Civil Relations Miklós Soltész in Kiev in a press-conference held jointly with his Ukrainian Counterpart Natalija Fedorovich.

All seven hundred children will be selected from families suffered major casualties in the ongoing civil war in Ukraine's eastern provinces - either their father died or wounded in the armed conflict in the Donbass region.

Soltész recalled that in the past two years, the Hungarian government supported the summer vacation of nearly 1,300 Ukrainian children and their adult companions.

The children will arrive at Lake Velence in small groups throughout the summer and will spend a week in the resort; they also visit Budapest spending a day or two in Hungarian capital.

Soltész also announced that this year the Hungarian government will pay for the rehabilitation of another 20 Ukrainian soldiers in Budapest's healthcare facilities.

In addition, Hungary is planning to send further humanitarian aid supplies to Ukraine.

Regarding the situation of the Hungarian community in Ukraine Soltész remarked that Budapest is aware that the proposed amendments to the education act, the language law and the dual citizenship act are not intended to undermine the basic rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine. "We are confident that the amendments to the law will be made in the spirit of strengthening friendly relationship between the two countries," said Miklós Soltész.

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