Soros network staged a protest at Röszke border crossing

Sunday, April 16, 2017

About 150 protesters - mostly foreigners - rallied on Saturday afternoon at Röszke border crossing demanding the demolition of the border fence and the elimination of state borders told Homeland Security Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister György Bakondi to MTI.

The protesters arrived in Röszke by buses, and cars; about 70 percent of them were foreigners including Serbs, Italians, Germans, Spaniards and Arabs. But several members of the Hungarian globalist opposition and professional agitators on the payroll of Soros also showed up.

The Soros activists handed out leaflets with slogans like "We do not need borders", "We do not need prisons."

The goal is to eliminate national borders in order to prevent national governments to defend their countries from third-world migrants said Bakondi.

The chief adviser emphasized that there were sufficient numbers of police forces in the area to maintain law and order and protect the state border.

(MTI - Photos: MÖM-hírszolgálat -


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