The Hungarian Defence Forces are to contribute more troops to counter-ISIS mission

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The government of Hungary proposes that the Hungarian Defence Forces continue their participation in the Global Coalition to Counter the Islamic State (ISIS), and increase their troop numbers in the Iraqi mission.

In the fight against the terrorist organization that calls itself Islamic State, the Iraqi government turned to the UN member states for help in June 2014. At the request of the United States – on the basis of a decision made by the National Assembly – Hungary joined the multinational mission in 2015. The proposal, approved by the National Assembly in 2015, was about the stationing of a maximum 150-strong Hungarian contingent in Iraq – which would have a strength of 300 soldiers in rotation periods – with a mandate running until 31 December 2017.

The draft resolution submitted to the National Assembly on Wednesday specifies that the Hungarian Defence Forces are going to station in the area of the Republic of Iraq an at most 200-strong military contingent (400-strong in periods of rotations) with the necessary technological assets, weapons and equipment, which would perform partnership building, military assistance and advising, force protection and troop escort tasks...

Led by the United States of America, the Global Coalition to Counter ISIS was formed in 2014 and was subsequently joined by more than 60 nations. The broad international coalition carries out air strikes against the bases of the Islamic State, and trains and arms the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF).

Hungary sent a military contingent to the Kurdistan Training Coordination Centre (KTCC) in Erbil, Northern Iraq in August 2015. The currently 142-strong Hungarian Defence Forces Iraqi Training Support Contingent “successfully performs its capacity-building and support tasks”, the minister wrote, adding that in parallel with the expansion of the training activity, the coalition has already requested “further capabilities and the lifting of national caveats concerning the contingent” on several occasions.

The minister wrote that “in order to promote our security and defence policy interests and to stop illegal migration”, it is in Hungary’s particular interest to improve the situation in Iraq and to further contribute to the stabilization of the Republic of Iraq. “In view of this, it has been proposed that we continue our participation in the Iraqi stabilization, by increasing our troop contribution and expanding our presence to the entire area of the Republic of Iraq with a extended mandate running until 31 December 2019”, the minister wrote.

The approval of the draft resolution requires a two-third vote of the members of Parliament present.



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