Thirty-one-year-old pig farmer Zsóka Fekete runs a mangalica farm all by herself

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The young pig farmer's grandparents were also farmers, and due to her early childhood experience with farming Zsóka Fekete decided to continue the family tradition dedicating her life to animal husbandry.

She started her business at age 26, with the initial help of her parents and EU subsidies.

I participated in a young farmers contest right after finishing university; initially, my mother, who works as a proposal writer helped me applying for EU subsidy - told Zsóka to who received a diploma in food engineering, but has since earned two more degrees.

Back then, I wanted to sell vegetables but as part of by-product utilization, I bought a couple of mangalica piglets - this is how the business started said Zsóka.

Later, she bought more pigs, and fell in love with pig farming. Currently, she raises three hundred and fifty mangalicas on her farm.

Mangalica is a very special and clever animal. It has superior sense of hearing, and unique sense of smell, in some cases even better than that of dogs said Zsóka who is extremely proud of her own cultivated blood line.

Her breeds already took several awards; last year, her breed received the most beautiful gilt award at 2016 Farm Expo. Delicacies made from her breeds won acclaim at the National Mangalica Festival last year.

The young woman does most of the work by herself including breeding, marketing, making sausages and even castrating piglets - time to time her father and two of her colleagues help her with the work.

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