A new nationalist organization to be launched on July 8

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Recent rumors about the formation of a new, right-wing movement turned out to be true. According to information circulated in the press, "Betyárereg", the "Identitesz" and the National Network of Érpataki Model were about to form a new political movement.

Today, the rumor has been confirmed by organizers of the movement on "Betyárereg" website. It is important to clarify that the new movement is not a protest movement aiming to oppose Jobbik policy shift in recent months write organizers of the movement. (Note: According to political pundits, the Jobbik party has abandoned its former radical stance on internal and external politics by moving to the political center transforming itself into a moderate people’s party, which disappointed a great number of its former supporters and sympathizers.)

We are launching a new and up-to-date initiative in which both experienced political figures and right-wing representatives of the youngest generations will take part.

The official announcement of the formation of the new movement will be held on July 8, 2017, on which day we will be introducing our program to the general public the organizers write.

The statement is signed by:

- Zsolt Tyirityán, the Leader of Betyársereg
- Zoltán Mihály, the Mayor of Érpatak
- Balázs László, President of Identitesz "

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