European Court of Justice: an illegal immigrant who fathers a child to an European woman can remain in the EU

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The European Court of Justice delivered a verdict on Wednesday, which can be considered as a precedent ruling - a non-European citizen must be granted the right of residence if his / her child is already a citizen of an EU member state.

The court ruled on a Venezuelan woman’s case whose asylum application was rejected by Dutch authorities, despite the fact that her child being a Dutch citizen due to the father's nationality.

The woman had traveled to Europe regularly, years ago, having casual relationship with a Dutch citizen. The couple later moved to Germany, where the relationship broke up. In the meantime, the Venezuelan woman has become pregnant and has seen Europe as a better environment to bring up her child than the South American country, so she applied for residence. However, Dutch authorities rejected her application, which meant she was unable to apply for welfare. After, the matter was brought before the European Court, the ruling of Dutch authorities was overturned.

A non-European parent has the right to reside in the European Union if his/her child is a citizen of an EU member state.

The judgment therefore, provides a new way of obtaining European residence for migrants coming from the Mediterranean with the help of NGOs and people smugglers - they only have to father a child to an European woman.

Earlier, German finance minister called on German women to sleep with immigrants as often as possible to prevent the German population from inbreeding.

NGOs and the European Liberal Press promote population mixing propaganda across Europe. Even in Hungary, before the border fence was erected at the Serbian border last year, several liberal trash portals published articles urging Hungarian woman to sleep with migrants.

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