Foreign agents preparing to occupy public buildings in the autumn

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

According to Minister of Cabinet Office Antal Rogán, authorities are aware that foreign activists preparing to occupy public buildings in the autumn.

The minister said training centers could exist in Hungary, where agents of foreign countries have been training anti-government activists.

"There are training centers in Hungary where anti-government activists are being prepared (...); they are trained how to organize civil disobedience campaigns in the fall. [...] If the ongoing demonstrations won't have the desired effect (the general public ignores them), then, they will occupy public institutions and banks specifically for the purpose of provoking a police response," said Rogán.

"The main goal of foreign funded NGOs is to remove democratically elected governments that are opposing uncontrolled immigration into Europe. To do that, they try to create chaos in the target countries."

Hungary was part of the Balkan migration route before the construction of the border fence at the Hungarian-Serbian border where hundreds of thousands of Middle East and African migrants arrived in the European Union without identifying themselves said the minister.

Migrants from Greece are still coming through Macedonia and Serbia. At this point, their free access into Europe is disturbed by the Hungarian border fence, which is why they had to search for other routes.

The minister's statement that international NGOs aim to overthrow governments and destabilize countries that oppose uncontrolled mass migration can be easily understood just by looking at their activities in countries located on the Balkan migration route where these NGOs are remarkably active. They organize mass demonstrations in Serbia, and they already successfully destabilized Macedonia, which as a result, unable to defend its national borders.

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