Former Leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin was ordered out of Hungary

Friday, May 26, 2017

On the request of the Anti-Terrorism Center, the Immigration and Nationalization Office expelled Nick Griffin from Hungary reported Griffin is the second British nationalist politician who was ordered out of the country in recent days; on Wednesday, British nationalist James Dowson was also expelled from Hungary.

Griffin participated at the International Stop Soros Conference in Budapest in March, organized by nationalist youth group "Identitesz" in the House of Hungarians reported

At the conference, Griffin told the liberal news portal that he was very pleased with the policy of the Hungarian government and he wanted to move to Hungary within half a year. Griffin also said that Budapest was already a base for western European nationalists.

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(Notes: Nick Griffin should have kept lower profile. He was very active in Hungarian nationalist circles at a time when Hungary was under attack by various international forces. The government probably, opted for expelling the British politician, because it didn’t want to open yet another front for attacks on the country in these very critical times of global changes.)


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