Is there life after birth? Twin babies talk in the womb!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The next story is about life and the miracle of birth, which takes place in a mother's womb. At the same time, it is a sacred meditation that enables us to experience all the beauty, strength and energy of our existence.

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There are two babies developing in the womb. One baby asks the other: "Do you believe in postnatal life?

"Of course, there must be something after we get out of here. Maybe, we're here to get ready for life after birth," said the other.

"Nonsense," said the questioning baby. - "There is no life after birth! What life would that be?"

"I do not know, but I think there will be much more light out there. Maybe, we will walk on our own and will eat whatever we want to eat. Who knows how many more senses we can use out there?" his brother replied.

"It's absurd, even ridiculous; the umbilical cord always provides constant nourishment," said sceptical baby.

"I think the time will come when the umbilical cord will no longer be needed." his brother replied.

"It's silly. But if the post-natal life is true, how come that no one has come back so far? Birth is the end, you understand, there is nothing but darkness, silence and all the unknown out there," replied the sceptical brother.

"You can not know that, but I think we will meet our mother one day who will take care of us," said the optimistic brother.

"Mother?! Do you believe in such things? This is scandalous. If our mother exists, where is she now? " asked the sceptical baby.

"Here, around us. We're in it. We could not exist without her," the believer replied.

"Well, I do not see her, and what I can not see it does not exist!" replied the sceptical baby.

"Sometimes, if you are very silent and you really concentrate, you can feel the presence of our mother, and you can hear her voice up there." replied his brother.

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