Olympic Champion Kayaker Attila Vajda is back to Szeged but this time as a coach

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Olympic Champion Kayaker Attila Vajda, who retired from active competition last year will be present as a coach at the World Cup Series held in Szeged over the weekend.

My students don't understand English so I have no choice but learn Chinese said Vajda who coaches about 40 Taiwanese athletes at a small lake between 3,500 meters high mountains under less than ideal conditions.

I've already learned 100-150 Chinese words, but I can't read and write yet, said Vajda to M4 Sport morning program today.

Attila Vajda won gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games in C-1 1000 meters, but nowadays he seldom sits in a boat and he doesn't miss active competitions.

I know that my students have no chance to win any medal; they are not even expected to win the right to compete in the A or B finals because the field is very strong. For my students the main objective is to acquire experience said Vajda.

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