PM Viktor Orbán: The old model of globalization has come to an end

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beijing, May 15, 2017 (MTI) - The old model of globalization has come to an end - "the East has been catching up with the West" and a large part of the world has been fed up with the developed nations lecturing on human rights and market economy to the rest of the world said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán summing up his official visit to China on Monday in Beijing.

According to the prime minister, the old model of globalization built on the notion that money, profit, and technological knowledge coming from the West to "the poorer, less developed eastern countries" but this idea has been losing momentum for some time.

Over the last decades, especially in the recent past, everything has changed: economic innovations shifted to the East, or more precisely, "the East has caught up with the West"; "it is Asia where the largest amount of money is concentrated today", which then, gets reinvested in the West the prime minister explained.

Viktor Orbán also spoke of the fact that a large part of the world was fed up with the old form of globalization because it divided the world into two parts: teachers and students; it was increasingly disgusting that some developed (but culturally and spiritually toxic) countries constantly lectured about human rights, democracy, and market economy to the less developed nations.

China has therefore, begun a "move in another direction" - which is called: One Belt, One Road initiative that is based on the acceptance of each other; in this scheme "there is no teacher, and no student", but everyone has the right to his own social structure and culture, said the prime minister quoting the Chinese president.

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