Recent anti-government protests haven't made a dent in the Fidesz party's popularity

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Recent anti-government protests organized by foreign funded NGOs against the amendment of the Higher Education Act haven't made a dent in the governing Fidesz party's popularity according to a new poll conducted by "Iránytű Intézet".

In April, 49 percent of decided voters supported the ruling Fidesz party; followed by Jobbik with 20 percent support, which is currently, the strongest opposition party in the country, but its popularity has declined somewhat compared to the previous month.

The (fake) Socialist party came in third with 12 percent support; its popularity grew a few percentage according to the survey.

The extremist liberal party led by Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany is the third most popular opposition party in the country with 7 percent support.

None of the fringe parties could win a seat in parliament if general elections would be held today, as their support remain well below the 5 percent threshold limit necessary to win a seat in parliament writes

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