The Soros nest once again staged an anti-government protest in Budapest

Monday, May 22, 2017

Demonstrators gathered at the Technical University voicing familiar grievances, but the objective of the protest was to turn up the heat on the government as the next year's general elections are approaching.

On their way to the parliament building, the crowd crossed the Liberty Bridge accompanied by police escort, meanwhile organizers yelled anti-government slogans to cheer up the disheartened crowd who were very disappointed because of the low turnout.

The Fidesz party released a statement stressing that the event was yet another pressure tactic by the Soros network.

According to the governing party, the Soros network relentless attacks on the Hungarian government’s immigration policy manifest itself in the frequent street protests.

The orchestrated attacks on Hungary have been coming from two directions; on the one hand, Brussels threatens the country with punishment for non-compliance with the refugee resettlement program and on the other, Soros-funded fake civilian organizations ongoing protests trying to increase the pressure on the government.

Attacks on our country are getting more frequent as next year’s general elections are approaching, but the government won't budge and refuses to change its immigration policy, reads the Fidesz party statement.

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