The Soros Network staged a protest at Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's hometown, in Felcsút.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

There were more foreign journalists in the crowd than Hungarian demonstrators writes

The event was organized under the pretext of opposing alleged state level corruption, but the real purpose of the protest was to pressure the government to demolish the border fence and allow third world migrants to settle in the country.

Soros-sponsored fake civil groups that organized the even and a few dozen paid agents came by buses from Budapest aiming to upset the life of the residence of the small village writes

One demonstrator jumped in front of a police cruiser to incite anti-police sentiments among the crowd.

The only purpose of the demonstration was to provoke anti-Hungarian sentiments in the foreign liberal press.

Interestingly, among the liberal crowd there were more journalists than protesters and most of them spoke some foreign language said Zsoltán Tessely, Etyek, St. László and Váli-valley commissioner to

Journalists reported that most of the crowd made up by pensioners indicating that organizers of the protest recruited elderly people who probably didn’t even understand the objective of the protest they simply wanted to supplement their pension that they probably received in cash to avoid paying taxes.

Look at this elderly woman. She is carrying the distinctive backpack usually wear by agent provocateurs and liberal activists during street protests. This shows that this was a staged event and not a genuine protest by ordinary citizens.

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