A documentary film produced in 1981 depicting the challenges of gypsy integration in Hungarian society

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The documentary film was made in the good old days of socialism (1981), when political correctness was nowhere on the horizon, when authorities could call things as they were without the fear of being castigated by an invisible global Orwellian agency.

The documentary film explores the challenges of the first all gypsy village in Hungary; the biggest problem the gypsy minority is facing integration in Hungarian society. Authorities clearly stating that one of the major problems of gypsy integration is the promiscuous lifestyle of young people that start establishing families as early as 12 years of age.

According to a gypsy man, this habit of promiscuous lifestyle goes back to the time when families still lived in huts when everybody copulated with everybody.

They also produce too many children that they can't raise due to lack of means. Only 40% of gypsy students finish elementary school and not one so far enrolled into high school said one village official; as a result, they don't learn any profession - they can be employed only as casual laborers. Due to this cultural backwardness, they even retard the advancement of those more intelligent individuals who would like to break out of this segregated social milieu.

If this country would be populated only by gypsies it could go bankrupt in no time said one gypsy retiree.

A must see documentary to everyone understands Hungarian.



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