A group of European musicians rerecord Cock Sparrer's song "Europe belongs to me"

Friday, June 30, 2017

Hungarian rock band "Romantikus Erőszak" calling for the shutting down of the Muslim invasion of Europe. The call has been given actuality by the anniversary of the liberation on Buda in 1686 by a united European army.

The bloody siege of Buda lasted more than three months and resulted the recapture of the city after nearly one and a half century of Ottoman rule.

The recapture of Buda indirectly prevented the ultimate goal of the Ottoman Empire to conquer the continent.

The liberating Hungarian army is supported by among others, German, English, Italians, Spanish and Swedish troops, but almost all nations of Europe participated in the liberation of Buda.

"This historic event and the current state of Europe, which is currently under attack have given us the idea to convene a group of well-known musicians from the European patriotic scene to re-interpret Cock Sparrer's legendary song," writes the Hungarian rock band.

Six guest musicians participated in the recording of the song including: Jocke (Pitbullfarm), Hannes (Kategorie C), Benny (Whitelaw), Griffin (Skrew You), Gigi (Legitimate Offesa) and Antonio (1a vanguardia).

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