A sad day for Hungarian nationalists – more prominent members of the movement stepped in the enemy's trap

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One of the most emblematic figures of the national resistance movement Gyula György Zagyva appeared in a vicious anti-Hungarian propaganda video.

It is not clear what led Zagyva to participate in this disinformation ad, but let’s give Zagyva the benefit of the doubt and suppose it was ignorance on his part.

Unfortunately, the Hungarian patriotic movement still lacking the skill to recognize the real intention behind the siren voices of the enemies of the nation by naively believing the deceptive nature of appearances in general.

Due to centuries of manipulation and brainwashing a large number of Hungarians still don’t realize the importance of strategy in politics; they don’t seem to understand that in this age of spiritual darkness nothing is what it seems to be.

The propaganda video attacking the Hungarian election system as the opposition has realized that they have zero chance to win next year’s general election as they have no realistic vision for the country; therefore, it seems, they go for the only available option left trying to destabilize the country. Here the key word is “destabilize” because political chaos is the best tool in the hands of our enemy to destroy all the achievements of the past decades.

The aim of the enchanting voices appearing in the video is to manipulate public opinion.

The enemy knows very well that once the country is destabilized, there is no going back to its former state. Look what they have done to Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine just mentioning a few of the recently destabilized and destroyed nations.

This is what the opposition and their foreign masters want to happen in Hungary as well - they want to serve the country up to forces that manipulate appearances from behind the scenes.

It is unfortunate that many well-intentioned people on the nationalist side don’t see behind the smokescreen and accept appearances as reality so helping maybe unintentionally, the advancement of the shadowy project of destabilising the nation.

Zagyva's participation in the propaganda video all the more problematic because he is one of the leaders of the Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) that has so far had pristine reputation among Hungarian nationalist youth.

Zagyva’s decision to appear in the hostile anti-Hungarian propaganda video produced by Soros activists can even taint the reputation of HVIM.



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