About five hundred Ukrainian soldiers committed suicide after serving the front line, confirmed by internal data

Friday, June 23, 2017

About five hundred Ukrainian soldiers who served the front line in Donetsk basin have committed suicide so far announced by Arsen Avakov, the head of the ministry of interior on Thursday on Facebook.

The minister pointed out that, according to internationally recognized data, 90-95% of the soldiers involved in armed conflicts worldwide develop neurological or social problems and about one-third develops post-traumatic syndrome, which often leads to suicide.

Avakov also revealed data released by an international law enforcement agency with Ukrainian office according to which, an eight fold increase in domestic violence in the families of military men compared to previous years.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Stéphane Poltorak also announced yesterday that the drafting of reserve officers into the armed forces had been completed. A total of one thousand reservists were mobilized, but only those will be sent to the conflict zone who sign a contract with the armed forces.

The head of ministry said currently, the Ukrainian Army had about 96,000 reservists of which 34,000 serving in the conflict zone in the Donetsk region.

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