AntarcTrip mini expedition - Miniexpedíció az AntarcTriphez

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hungarian Adventurer Veronika Wynne-Hughes completed a 400 km ski trip across Northern Canada as part of her preparation for the planned Antarctica expedition.

Canadian law requires that anyone undertakes such a trip must carry a shotgun. So we carried one and several alarm pistols. The reason for this is that you can meet with polar bears, or grizzly. According to Canadian law, if a polar bear approaches first, the alarm pistol has to be used to scare away the animal, but if it doesn’t work and the animal comes within a range of five meters, it should be shot explained Veronika.

At the sixth day of the trip three polar bears approached us. One of them ran away but another one came toward us. Canadian wildlife officials advised that in such a case, we should try to appear big and make noise, so we made a bonfire and opened our tent.

The bear however, didn't seem to get distracted by these maneuvers of ours and kept watching us from about thirty meters; then, wildlife officers told us to keep on skiing; and that's what we have done. The animal followed us for about 5 hours and after that, it lost interest in us and gone said Veronika.

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