Ásotthalom field guards prevented a group of migrants from breaking into a farm

Sunday, June 25, 2017

A group of migrants attempted to break into an Ásotthalom farm; they crossed the border and the double fence by cutting through the barrier and by using a ladder. For some reason police did not reach the spot in time; however, the field guards watched them.

The pictures were made after the illegal aliens had been captured. They are back in Serbia now writes Toroczkai on Facebook.

(Once again, the aliens arrived with backpacks displaying the logo of the UN Refugee Agency ed.)


The head of one of Hungary's globalist fringe parties Viktor Szigetvári filed a criminal complaint against Ásotthalom's field guards for apparently forcing illegal aliens to lay on the ground, which according to him was a violation of the Geneva Convention.

The asylum seekers could be seen in unnatural poses on the ground as a result of threats. It is unknown at the moment what threats were issued against the asylum seekers argued the globaist agent.

Neither the Fidesz government nor the "extreme right-wing groups" nor Ásotthalom field guards have the right to limit the rights of asylum seekers granted by the Geneva Convention as they are also people who escape from their country for good reason; only authorities have the right to select non-legitimate asylum seekers from genuine refugees lamented the globaist flunky.

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