Foreign funded NGOs are practicing how to create chaos in the fall

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Activist Márton Gulyás admitted to that NGOs have already been actively preparing for confrontation with police.

Earlier reports on anti-government demonstrations that will be staged in the fall turned out to be true. Márton Gulyás confirmed to that recruits are being given psychological preparation of all aspects of confronting police.

Activists are practicing various scenarios that they think may arise during confrontation with police.

Part of the psychological training involves increasing activists’ stress tolerance level because confrontational situations can be very stressful; it is important to know how to handle encounters with police, said the activist.

According to Gulyás, they are ready to use extreme measures if the government does not meet their demands.

The campaign to destabilize the country will kick off on October 23rd at the anniversary of the 1956 Revolution.

(Notes: It is expected that foreign anarchists, mostly from Germany and perhaps from England and Spain will be brought into the country; it is presumed that they do most of the fighting if the situation escalates to that level because local NGOs have no support among Hungarian youth. The Hungarian secret service probably already thoroughly infiltrated into these groups providing authorities enough information that let them prepare effective counter-measures neutralizing any violent attempt to create chaos on the streets of Budapest. Also any attempt to create social unrest by using violent means might boost the popularity of the government as the Hungarian people already have a good idea what happened to those decadent western countries that allowed these NGOs to undermine the social fabric of societies.)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but in case of clear and obvious threat to civil and national security. The borders must be closed on those days that the antifa from the west plan to protest in Hungary. We simply can not allow people from other countries trying to interfere in national political, and who have clearly different views from nationals who reside in Hungary. Not only are they trying to interfere, but they're even prepared to use violence. The western borders must be monitored during those special occasions in which people from western countries plan to come to Hungary to cause problems.

We wouldn't let Russia or Serbia send their people to Hungary to cause problems and get involved in national politics, so why do we accept that to be the case with Austrians and Germans? Why? Because Hungary is part of the EU?

Hungary may be part of the EU, but Hungary is still a sovereign country. If Hungary can ban Griffin from entry into the country, then it can do so to the extreme leftist.

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