Poverty among ethnic Hungarian kids in Transcarphatia, Ukraine is getting worse as the civil war drags on

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

About 400 children live below the poverty line in Beregszász and the surrounding area in Transcarphatia (Kárpátalja); the children are almost exclusively Hungarians and live in the mostly Hungarian populated villages of Asztély, Beregardó, Bulcsú, Déda, Kígyós, Macsola and Makkosjánosi.

The average monthly salary in the region is equivalent to HUF 35 thousand (US$ 130), while an average pension is equivalent to HUF 12 thousand (US$ 45).

Meanwhile, the price of food, rent and fuel is close to that of the prices in Hungary. The economic crisis in the aftermath of the armed conflict in East Ukraine causes serious problems for everyday people living close to the Hungarian border.

Minors suffer from lack of essential necessities like food, and warm clothing. Many families have no financial means to get gas into their homes. Others, because of the steady increase in gas prices are forced to heat their homes with wood.

Kids often live with only one of their parents or grandparents, or more distant relatives, and an increasing number of children simply left to their fate.

The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, as well as the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service launched a donation drive among foreign affairs personnel supported by a photo exhibition of MTI / MTVA photographer Balázs Mohai, which opened on June 26 in the ministry of foreign affairs.

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