The lynx roams wild in Hungary

Friday, June 2, 2017

Carnivore expert Ádám Szabó had been following and studying the big cat since 2010 and had captured video footage of it roaming the North Hungarian Mountains.

New video footage has emerged which proves the lynx still roams wild in the North Hungarian Mountains, it has been revealed.

WWF released the video yesterday, and it corroborates reports that the large cat still exists in the region despite no footage of the "lynx of Zemplén" being captured since 2015.

NLCafé.hu reports that carnivore expert Ádám Szabó had been following and studying the animal since 2010.

“The hunters reported by the end of April that they saw a lynx in Zemplén. Then I gathered the camera trap records, and the video confirmed that the animal is wandering in the tracks in its forest habitat safe and sound," he said.


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