The Mónus family topped the podium at Istanbul Conquest Cup International Tournament

Monday, June 5, 2017

At the 560th anniversary of the fall of Constantinople the Conquest Cup (Fetih Kupasi) was held for the fifth times in Istanbul, where 428 archers from 35 countries and three autonomous republics participated in modern and traditional bow shooting competitions.

The long range shooting event won by Hungarian Archer József Mónus, by shooting 70 meters farther than the competitor finished second place.

In the women's category Mónus' wife Anna Maria Ruszin Mónusné won the women’s category of the same event.

The Hungarian team made up by dr. Andrea Skaliczki, dr. Attila Rácz and József Mónus won bronze medal.

After the event Mónus noted that he was only able to shoot 461 meters due to strong headwind; “but my opponents could shoot only up to 400 meters." (I used a 132-pound bow and Zrinyi arrows of which I made 4 samples based on 14 prototypes - I took three of them to the competition.) I had been preparing for this competition for one year almost day and night.

I would like to thank to all my compatriots who read my messages and rooted for me, and also to the Hungarian team and the team's captain, Pál Posta writes Mónus.

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