"We are Europe's last resistance fighters!" - Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Sixty-four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) held its 16th annual anti-Trianon march in Budapest.

The event started at the 56th square; from where, the crowd that swelled to several thousands, in line with established tradition marched to the Serbian, Romanian, and the Slovakian embassies.

Leaders of the HVIM including the founder of the organization and Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai, HVIM member of the Southern region Bolgárka Buka, HVIM co-Leader Gyula György Zagyva, HVIM co-Leader of the northern region Gergely Dobay, and vice president of the organization Béla Incze addressed to the crowd as the marchers stopped at the embassies of the three countries that benefited most from the dismemberment of Hungary in 1920.

According to László Toroczkai, "we must draw strength from the tragedy of Trianon."

"We chose to fight and with this strategy we will not only recapture, but also rebuild our nation."

The nation is alive, no one has defeated it; the work of the past 16 years has produced major result: the openly anti-Hungarian parties disappeared from the political arena or have ceased to exist, while a substantial consensus was established among the population regarding Trianon. June 4 has become an inescapable moment in the history of our country said Toroczkai.

Every sane person defends his home - said the Mayor of Ásotthalom and vice-President of Jobbik László Toroczkai referring to the ongoing mass migration into Europe.

The border fence, which was built on the Trianon border also protects the population of cross-border settlements in Serbia, because it scares migrants away from the area.

Toroczkai reminded participants to one of the lessons of Hungarian history: "If a people vacate an area, then others come to their place," referring to the elimination of the Hungarian-speaking population from the Southern region and the settling of the area by Serbian nationals.

"We are Europe's last resistance fighters," Toroczkai said in connection with the ongoing mass migration in Europe.

He asked the question: "Should we protect the brain-dead Western Europeans?"

"In fact, we have no choice if we want to defend ourselves - we must defend our borders."

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