10th World Games: Terrific start for Team Hungary - 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in day one

Friday, July 21, 2017

Photo: Vörös Nándor

At the opening day of Wold Games in Wroclaw on Friday, Petra Senánszky and Dénes Kanyó won two gold medals in two finswimming events. The aerobics team won silver medals, so Team Hungarian won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals in day one.

In the 50-meter freestyle event, Petra Senanszky won Hungary's first gold medal setting a new world record. In the same event Krisztina Varga won bronze medal.

Senanszky broke her earlier world record (set in June 2016 - 20.98 seconds) and set a new one (20.52) in Wroclaw ensuring that she is still the number one record holder of the event.

"It was like swimming at home. I am glad that so many Hungarian fans were rooting form me. I came here to win and set a new world record," said Petra Senánszky after the event.

The other gold medalist of the day is Dénes Kanyó who is quite a legend in Hungarian finswimming. He has won the 400 meter freestyle event. He is a real fanatic, he regularly swims in the Tisza river even in February and he loves oxygen-deficient training. He reached the top at age 41. In 1997 he won silver medal in Lahti, and bronze in Kaohsiung in 2009. In the 2013 World Games in Cali he finished four place in two events.

"It's a gift to be here at age 41. I have no secrets, other than, I really like swimming. In the last few weeks before World Games started, my preparation was kind of strange, because the Szeged swimming pool closed down and practically, I trained at Maty-ér row course. I enjoyed it so much that I knew something good comes out of it," said Dénes Kanyó.

On the first day, Gergő Kosina won a silver medal in 100-meter freestyle and Csilla Károlyi finished 4th in 200 meter surface swimming.

In the 4X100 women's relay Petra Senanszky, Krisztina Varga, Petra Kothencz and Csilla Károlyi team finished fifth place.

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