A politically hot autumn has been predicted by the speaker of the parliament

Friday, July 7, 2017

The opposition parties and foreign funded NGOs can form a strategic alliance to foment violence and street-riots in the fall as the country is heading for next spring’s general election said the Speaker of Parliament László Kövér on Wednesday at the University Forum in Martos, Felvidék.

The opposition parties want to create a situation where rumors about the possibility of an upcoming civil unrest dominate public discourse; the goal is to divert attention from their own inability to defeat the current government in a democratic race; they instead, intend to use Soros funded NGOs to do the "dirty work" for them - create instability in the country.

The house speaker explained that the opposition parties’ intention is to confuse the electorate and manipulate public opinion; they are hoping that uncertainty will mobilize voters that eventually, call for changes in the political system. The opposition parties need NGOs to carry out this plan because they don't want to take the blame for the possible street riots.

Hungary will not be the first "experimental terrain" for external intervention said Kövér. The goal of the foreign architects of color revolutions remains the same - remove democratically elected governments from power.

As a result, the conspirators and their foreign masters have to be exposed so that the general public can learn who are behind the unfolding events and what the conspirators’ goals are.

The election of President Donald Trump has triggered a revolution in world politics that made the opponents of changes more determined than ever to prepare for a last "final fight." The United States as a nation state is only a tool in the hands of those forces that try to implement a global world order, which is difficult to describe by words said Kövér.

(Note: Hungary is not Ukraine. The conspirators and their foreign masters will never be able to trigger a color revolution in Hungary. The Hungarian people are much smarter than those rogue forces think. Even if they bring in foreign anarchists from Germany and other western European countries they won’t be able to create conditions that would trigger an uprising and turn the general public against the government. There is a good chance that exactly the opposite may happen – violence will make the Fidesz party more popular among the general public so helping the Orbán government to win another majority. You can be one hundred percent sure that the intelligence agencies are thoroughly infiltrated into these foreign funded groups and they know every tiny details of their plans. If they indeed, want to do something serious like provoke street confrontation with police that attempt will be terminated even before it gets off the ground.)

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