Katinka Hosszú defended her world title in 200 meters IM winning Hungary's first gold medal

Monday, July 24, 2017

Budapest, Monday, 24 July 2017 (MTI) - Katinka Hosszú defended her world title in 200-meter IM on Monday at the World Swimming Championships at the Danube Arena in Budapest.

Women's 200 m IM
1. Katinka Hosszú (Hungary) 2: 07.00 minutes
2. Ohasi Jui (Japan) 2: 07.91
3. Madisyn Cox (United States) 2: 09.71

The three-time Olympic champion advanced into the finals with the best time taking the lead early on and winning the final in front of Ohasi Jui of Japan and American Madisyn Cox.

"Here in Budapest I felt completely different than in Rio, where I went to realize my dream and to be an Olympic champion. Here in the Danube Arena, we felt closely the overwhelming support of Hungarians, so I felt I was not swimming just for myself. That is why this gold medal means more to me than the one I won in Rio" Katinka said after the race.

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