Katinka Hosszú wins bronze medal in women’s 200 m butterfly at FINA World Championship in Budapest

Thursday, July 27, 2017

1. Mireia Belmonte (Spain) 2:05.26 perc
2. Franziska Hentke (Germany) 2:05.39
3. HOSSZÚ KATINKA (Hungary) 2:06.02
...7. SZILÁGYI LILIÁNA (Hungary) 2:07.58

Katinka Hosszú: "I'm almost happier with this bronze medal than with the gold in 200m IM because I have not stood on the podium for years in a butterfly event at world championships. There seems to be fantasy in this event. I practiced a new technique that I will try to further develop for Tokyo because there are great possibilities in this technique for me."

Photo: Huszti István / Index

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