Petra Senánszky wins her second gold medal at Wroclaw World Games

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Petra Senánszky is unstoppable in Wroclaw: after the 50 meters finswimming freestyle event she won the 100 meter as well setting a new world record. In the same event Krisztina Varga came in second winning silver medal.

Petra hasn’t been defeated since 2013; since, she has won nine World Championships and four European Championship titles.

She won both events by setting new world records; in 100 meters her time was 45.16 seconds, currently, this the best time in the world.

"I have a very difficult half a year behind me, and it feels very good that eventually, I succeeded. In the spring I lost my mum, which was so unexpected that I could not still come to term with the loss. To some extent, this competition helped me to divert my attention from this tragic event - not to think of who I am missing from my life and how bad I feel about it. I've had a goal set every day to accomplish, which gave me the strength to be a little better every day. I hope mom is proud of me, I know she was watching at me from above and she was with me," said Senánszky after the race.

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