Satellite photo: Giant portrait of Putin

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Photo: © Dario Gambarin via AP

Russian satellite photographed a giant portrait of Vladimir Putin near the Italian city of Verona; the artwork has been created by Italian artist and farmer Dario Gambarin.

Gambarin and his father used their farmland to make the artwork TASS writes.

The artist, who describes his artistic style as reminiscent of "abstract expressionism", began making portraits 10 years ago.

He had made several similar portraits of global political leaders in the past, including John Kennedy and Donald Trump.

Putin's portrait occupies 25 000 square meters of farmland; it is 135 meters wide.

Due to the size of the image, it can only be seen from above.

The artist explained that he had created the image to emphasize the importance of the Hamburg G20 summit, which dealt with important global issues such as economy, migration and the crisis in Syria and Ukraine.



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