Team Hungary’s golden Saturday at Canoe Sprint European Championships in Plovdiv - five gold and one bronze medals in day two

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dóra Bodonyi started the medal harvest by winning women's K1-1000m final (3:57.984) by a comfortable margin.

A bit later Réka Hagymási, and Ramóna Farkasdi duo won gold medal in women's K-2 1000 meters.

Dóra Lucz, Erika Medveczky, Tamara Takács and Ninetta Vad team came in first in women's K-4 500m final winning the third gold medal of the day.

Virág Balla and Kincső Takács Devecseriné duo won a gold medal in women's C-2 500 meters completing the winning spree in women's events.

In men’s events Bence Nádas, Sándor Tótka, Péter Molnár and Milán Mozgi won gold medal in K-4 500m.

Earlier the day Bálint Kopasz won bronze medal in men's K-1 1000m

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