There are good reasons to believe that the refurbished Russian subway cars were sabotaged

Friday, July 28, 2017

Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKV) filed a criminal complaint against unknown individual(s) who most probably mounted a piece of custom cut wooden block in a subway car's door rail preventing it from closing.

The sabotage disrupted traffic on line 3 that operates Russian refurbished units.

The announcement was made by Budapest Mayor István Tarlós on Wednesday.

Tarlós said that presumably, someone between two stations intentionally placed a custom-cut wooden block in the sliding door rail to obstruct the traffic of the subway system.

The sabotage most probably targeted public opinion suggesting that there was something wrong with the refurbished Russian system.

(Note: Not that difficult to narrow down the range of forces could have been behind this incident. Since the beginning, the liberal media and foreign run NGOs have been aggressively campaigning against the Public Transportation Company’s decision to commission the Russian manufacturer of the subway cars to refurbish the fleet. Just by looking at the history of these forces, their traditionally anti-Hungarian activities, no one can have doubts what agencies could have engineered this incident. )

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