Under the Orbán government Hungary will never join the planned European Immigration Agency

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A new European Immigration Agency is planned, which among other things, would force EU member states to comply with "common rules" in matters of mass migration.

The new agency would take away national competences from member states, and transfer them to Brussels. The plan is to make resettlement and redistribution of immigrants among member states more efficient.

Fidesz, however, dismisses the pressure being put on Hungary by the originators of this agency and opposes the creation of such an authority said Communication Director of the Fidesz party Balázs Hidvéghi at a press conference on Monday.

According to the Fidesz politician, by all means, Brussels wants to implement George Soros's migration policy. Hidvéghi referred to Soros' 2015 and 2016 statements in which the stock exchange speculator among other things, talked about the need of resettling millions of migrants per year in Europe and the removal of relevant national competences from member states that would allow them to control the inflow of migrants into their countries.

This would be yet, another step in the process of eliminating nation states, which is enthusiastically supported by the (fake) left wing parties said the Fidesz politician.

George Soros' lobbying in Brussels is not without results; it is tragic that the Hungarian (fake) left wing parties actively involved in setting up the agency even if Hungarians made it crystal clear that they disagreed with Brussels in matters of mass migration and the quota system said the Fidesz politician.

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