Young Hungarian swimmers complaining about the horrible conditions of the 5 km open water event

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Melinda Novoszáth completed her first adult open water race under horrible conditions. The young Hungarian swimmer finished 28th in the 5 km event in Balatonfüred. She told M4 Sport Channel that she had never experienced anything like that before.

"Unfortunately I could not follow the strategy I planned before the race. There was constant fighting in the water what I could not handle, obviously, because lack of experience.”

“It was terrible, I've never experienced anything like that in my whole life"
said the young swimmer who is still in shock.

"They hit me everywhere, they grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down. You can't get used to this,"
- she recounted her experiences.

The other Hungarian swimmer Janka Juhász talked about similar experiences; she was fighting during the entire race.

"After one kilometer I felt I was dying, and after the first round luckily, I passed the deadlock."

"I had to fight all the way to the finish line, I was hit from all sides, but still, I'm happy with what I’ve accomplished"
she said.

Former Olympic Champion Open Water Swimmer Éva Risztov who has been working as a commentator at FINA World Championships in Budapest said that in a few years they will be able to handle these situations properly.

The 5 km open water event won by Ashley Twichell of US.

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