Confirmation in Torockó

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Young people are posing before leaving for the confirmation ceremony

The population of Torockó in the valley of Székelykő and Ordaskő is about 550, most of which are Hungarian and almost exclusively unitarian.

Traditionally, there are three types of women's clothing that are changed when girls get married and when the wife becomes widow. The costume shown in the picture is worn by girls until they get married.

Szabolcs’ cousin, Zoltán reads the confirmation exam before leaving home.

The directive contains basic questions of religion and faith. Pastor Lőrinc Márton Csécs prepares the students before they take the exam

Fruzsina and Szabolcs are waiting at the Pastoral Office

Leaving for the church

For the special occasion, the church is decorated with flowers and plants

The ceremony is made up of two major parts - the young people first attend a church service, followed by the confirmation exam

Zoltán is questioned by the pastor

Unitarians may attend a sacrament four times a year. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving Day and some special occasions

After a successful exam, young people are congratulated by their relatives

Szabolcs and Zoltán after passing the confirmation exam - in the background Székelykő, and the iconic mountain peak of Torockó

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