Hungary draws up plans for the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Plans have been put forward to build the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge near the Eastern Hungarian city of Sátoraljaújhely.

The bridge will become part of the Zemplén Adventure Park, be 700 meters in length and connect the Szár and Vár mountains.

According to Borsod Online, the project will cost nearly 2.5 billion HUF (8.25 million EUR) but will become a major tourist attraction.

Located near to the Slovak border, Sátoraljaújhely has a population of just 15,000 citizens and is in the heart of the countryside.

According to the city's mayor, the bridge could on its own bring up to one million additional visitors to the city each year. He believes it could transform the city into a major tourist destination, help improve the economy and create jobs.



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