One of the founders of "Erő és Elszántság" (Force and Fortitude(?)) talks about the future of the new right-wing movement

Friday, August 4, 2017

There is a good chance that the new nationalist movement "Erő és Elszántság" (Force and Fortitude(?)) launched last month will be turned into a political party said one of the founders of the movement Zsolt Tyirityán who is also the head of "Betyársereg" - a nationwide network of martial artists.

If we decide to transform the movement into a political party, we will run next year’s parliamentary elections said Tyirityán to

Since its launch, the new far-right movement has been receiving overwhelming support from people across the country and regional branches of the movement are being formed every day said Tyirityán.

The new movement will primarily work on the level of metapolitics - spreading new ideas, approaches and values in society, with the long-term goal of triggering deep changes in Hungarian national consciousness.

Ideally, we want to train an activist elite, but we try to reach out to wider audiences as well. One of our goals is to establish a conceptual and ideological base to be able to represent the ideals of the new radical movement fittingly. I am talking about the reinterpretation of values condemned by the establishment, whose realistic evaluation is hindered by aspects of prevailing global circumstances.

Tyirityán said that the liberal media have manipulated one of his earlier statements and now, they are slandering him accusing him of being a Nazi. I've never called myself a Nazi. In that particular interview they like to recite, I talked about values that important to me and defined my thinking. I said that I believed in the concept of race and the importance of national awareness. I also believe in autocracy and the principle of social hierarchy and do not accept the spread of deviant behavior in society.

Tyirityán also said that the Hungarian nationalist movement was in ruins, due to the Jobbik party's move to the political middle; the nationalist movement today is full of frustrated, and bitter people who will be very difficult to mobilize again.

"My presence in the movement is important only until the ship leaves the harbor. As soon as it runs out into the open water and start sailing the waves, we will know that our initiative succeeded. After that, we may start thinking about creating a political party and raising a new generation of politicians" said one of the founders of the movement.

There is a definite need for a visible, far-right party in the world of Hungarian politics. About 9 to 10 percent of the country's population would like to see a radical far-right party to emerge. This figure will only increase as a result of the obvious negative developments in European politics that will increasingly impact the white European population . However, the task of a realist right-wing party is not necessarily to seize power, but to credibly represent and protect that segment of the population, which regained its nationalist awareness in the current political system of world politics concluded his thoughts Zsolt Tyirityán.

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