Ozora psychedelic festival site got a new lake but was closed to festival goers

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Due to bureaucratic delays the necessary permit to use the lake hasn't arrived in time; as a result, no one was allowed to swim in the lake despite the sweltering heat wave that hit the country during the event writes

The other innovation of this year's event was that the number of tickets sold were maximized by 30,000 and weekend passes were done away with, only whole week passes could be bought.

Due to these developments, there was an average of 10-15 minutes waiting times at the showers during the entire day.

Firefighters were the only hope for the majority of attendees to bring some relief from the scorching heat. There was never such a need for them as this year.

The firetruck appeared in every half an hour at different points of the festival site using sirens to indicate that the firefighters were ready for action.

The only problem left the mud that remained after the fire truck went off. But this didn't ruined the mood of the people, some of whom were naked while firefighters spraying them with water.

The one week festival started last Monday, but the heat caused many to leave Saturday morning before the event ended.

The next year will be much better because by then the lake will be fully operational and firefighters won’t be needed anymore.

(Photos: Gyulai Bence / Velvet -


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