PM Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin met at World Judo Championships site

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It is no question after such a summer that Budapest is one of the sports capitals of the world said Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó commenting on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting at Papp László Arena that hosts the World Judo Championships.

Several other heads of government indicated their intention to attend the sporting event among others the Mongolian prime minister said Szijjártó adding that the Russian president invited Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to next year's Soccer World Championships held in Russia - the prime minister accepted the invitation.

The two leaders reviewed the implementation of previously signed agreements and reiterated that "earlier decisions have already begun to bear fruit."

The foreign minister pointed out that following many years of trade downturn, due to EU sanctions and other global factors, trade between the two countries started to increase significantly this year.

Photo: Ria Novosty

Hungary's exports to Russia increased by 30 percent of which 44 percent pharmaceutical export. Russia supports Hungarian food companies' investments, and as a result, grain exports to Russia increased by 89 percent in the first five months of this year Szijjártó said.

After a 22-month delay due to EU scrutiny of the project, the construction of Paks II nuclear power plant by Rosatom will start next January.

The total investment of Paks II nuclear power plant is $ 12 billion, and it is confirmed that $ 5 billion worth of work will be carried out by Hungarian companies.

A sign of improving bilateral relations, the newly established direct air flights between Saint Petersburg and Budapest. Szijjártó added that 184 Russian university students starting their studies in Hungary in September. On Monday, Szijjártó hammered out a deal with Russian minister of health, which include the increase the number of Russian scholarships to Hungarian students to one hundred, he added.

The Russian president confirmed that Russia is working diligently with Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia as well as with Hungary to transport Russian natural gas from Turkey to Western Europe. This route needs to be completed no later than at the end of 2019. This won’t involve construction of new pipelines, like the planned South Stream pipeline, but rather, the modernization of the existing Bulgarian, Serbian and Hungarian networks; construction of new pipelines will be carried out only on certain sections of the network. This means, in practice, that, at the end of 2019, at Hungary's southern border a facility will be built with the capacity to store 10 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas in addition to Hungarian needs; this supply will be transported to Austria, as there is serious Western European interest in this project said Szijjártó.

With regard to opposition's protest against Vladimir Putin's visit, Péter Szijjártó replied: "Everyone has the right to express his views."

These five idiots tried to disrupt the sporting event

(Note: A group of globalist activists tried to interrupt the sporting event in the stadium by raising anti-Putin banners and wearing Putin masks. The troublemakers were quickly spirited out of the facility and Putin didn't even notice them.)

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