Romanian authorities prevented Hungarian street dancers from parading under the Hungarian flag in Nagyvárad

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Organizers of “Windows on Europe” event prevented Hungarian street dancers from parading under the Hungarian flag in Nagyvárad reported “”.

It is a tradition that Debrecen Flower Festival decorative carriages one day after the event also parade in Nagyvárad.

Romanian authorities often get nervous when they see Hungarian national symbols in Romania regardless of the context of the appearance of those symbols.

Daniel Szabó, leader of the group told "" news portal that an individual wearing a pinkish shirt instructed local organizers of the event to order the Hungarian dance group to put away the Hungarian flag.

The gesture is astonishing at an event that promotes openness, Europeanism and Hungarian-Romanian cooperation.

A similar incident happened a day earlier when ethnic Hungarians celebrated the Hungarian National Holiday in Nagyvárad.

At the beginning of the event at Szent László Square local police officers told organizers to stop displaying Hungarian and the Árpád-band flags during the celebration.

According to the news portal, Hungarian-Romanian bilateral relations are improving at both local or regional levels, yet old chauvinist reflexes on the Romanian side are still very much alive.

(Note: In my view these incidents are not the result of Romanian chauvinism, but triggered by bad conscience due to the known historical circumstance took place one hundred years ago in Trianon. In my view, Hungarian – Romanian relations won’t improve anytime soon due to the psychological blocks instilled in Romanian population triggered by the mentioned historical event. Only open and self-confident nations can overcame those kinds of blocks. The constant provocation of ethnic Hungarians by Romanian authorities even further poison inter-ethnic relations on the subconscious level, which prolongs the current state of tension in Hungarian – Romanian relations. Eventually, Romania has to accept the fact that a sizable indigenous ethnic Hungarian population lives in the country that has the right to use its own national symbols granted by international conventions. The more enlightened leaders of Serbia have already realized this and as a result, anti-Hungarian propaganda in Serbia has stopped, which resulted major improvements in inter-ethnic and bilateral relations between the two countries. The world is in a constant flux. No political settlement remains the same for good. The current international situation can change unexpectedly at anytime and not necessarily the way that favors outdated 20th century arrangements that Romania mistakenly believes can last forever.)

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