Star Coach Katalin Rozsnyói raises a new kayak queen - Tamara Takács

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Kataline Rozsnyói (74) admitted that she still hasn't retired from coaching because of this young girl. The star coach has already raised several Olympic champions among them Natasa Janics and Zoltán Kammerer.

Twenty year-old Tamara Takács' name has been learned the general public at the European Championships in Plovdiv. With a stunning racing, the young girl became the winner of the K-1 500 meters event.

"I would have stopped coaching long time ago if there was no Tamara," said Katalin Rozsnyói to "Before, I trained ten or twelve athletes; now, I train only one, which I feel is a real challenge that has given me new impetus. With her, I do everything differently than with the others."

"Tamara grew up with the boys, and she did not stay far behind them in competitions" said Rozsnyói who was awarded with the best coach of the year title six times in a row.

Tamara is the kind of athlete who always wants to work more than I prescribe to her. She trains, like nobody before in my forty years career as a coach. She is one of the greatest talents I've ever trained. I'm very happy for her European Championship title, but that's only the beginning.

I admit, I thought she would mature at the Tokyo Summer Games, but it seems, she matured much sooner.

After the European Championships, Tamara brought a bouquet of flowers for her coach, who was frightened by the gesture at first.

"I told her, I only get flowers when my students leave me," added the coach.

Tamara is not only talented in short Olympic events but also in long range marathon events. In 2013, at the junior world championships she won gold medals both in women's K1 and K2 in the 25.8 km range.

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