The steady flow of genuine western European refugees to Hungary may soon become a flood

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Earlier the year, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said Hungary welcomed Western European refugees who would like to live in a country that was safe, not being plagued by daily threats of terrorism that have become a way of life in most western European countries.

Dutch newspaper Trouw, interviewed a couple who have already bought property in Hungary. They told the paper that the main motivation behind their decision to move to Hungary was the country’s migrant-free environment, the moderate property prices, the peaceful social environment and the pleasant climate.

Initially, Jacqueline and Jeroen Bastiaensen only looked for a summer home in Hungary and they bought a farm in the village of Csemő, five years ago. But the spacious environment, the warm summers and the calmness of the countryside proved to be very attractive to the couple who have decided to stay for good; so, they could kiss goodbye to Dutch over-regulations, high taxes, the constant traffic jams and highway tolls.

Jacqueline Bastiaensen said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán did the right thing when closed down the border; in general, she feels more secure in Budapest than in Amsterdam, because here there is no need to worry about atrocious terrorist acts.

The fence on the southern border is a great thing, which shows that "Prime Minister Viktor Orbán looks at the interests of Hungarian citizens first - that is the typical opinion of Dutch citizens living in Hungary.

The author of the article quotes a German real estate agent who is selling houses in the vicinity of Lake Balaton; the agent told the Bavarian television station that eight out of ten customers who buy property in Hungary referring the German government's "refugee" policy as the main reason for leaving the country.

Recently, approximately three hundred Dutch and Flemish citizens have bought property in a twenty-five kilometer radius around the village of Csemő. There are some who come here only on vacation, but more and more newcomers stay all year round.

For example, the Bastiaensen family's neighbors live here all year round, which makes the couple happy because they can socialize with their compatriots as they don't speak the Hungarian language.

(Note: By accepting genuine western European refugees, Hungary may satisfy or even overachieve the European Union’s quota requirement on refugees. As I’m writing these lines a van rammed into pedestrians in Barcelona, killing 13 and injuring 100 passersby. This is another indication that the war on western Europe won't let up anytime soon.)

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the germs have been the whore of the west since rome and have stolen land from Hungary after the war and stabbed Hungary in the backed on each and every ocasion of an alliance F them out like the

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