A new Canadian chef cooks for guests at Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Budapest

Saturday, September 30, 2017

New flavors await guests at the Ritz-Carlton hotel restaurant in Budapest; the new chef's team at the Dome Lounge, and Deak Street Kitchen facility will serve sophisticated flavors to hotel guests as well as locals who venture into the Ritz-Carlton restaurant.

The hotel's restaurant is open for anyone who wants to taste its specialties.

Canadian-born Matthew Piercy joined The Ritz-Carlton Team in Budapest this August and has been working ever since to delight the guests of the hotel with unique delicacies.

The Canadian chef has more than 15 years of work experience in various locations around the world; before joining the Budapest team, Piercy worked as an executive sous chef at Riyadh and Cairo Ritz-Carlton hotels.

I feel honored to be able to join the Ritz-Carlton Budapest team. The local culture and the country-like flavor always inspired me.

Hungary is a fascinating place with countless culinary treasures that will be exciting to explore in the coming days said Piercy.

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