Broken hearted father advises his son who started serving his sentence for people smuggling

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Perhaps some readers still remember Gypsy Propagandist Aladár Horváth who a few years ago went to Canada urging the Canadian government to accept more Hungarian gypsies as refugees.

Back then Horváth was the darling of the liberal establishment; but that was then and this is now. Since, Horváth has long disappeared from the political arena together with his liberal promoters.

The Horváth family today has an altogether different problem to deal with; the son of the gypsy politician started serving his sentence for people smuggling in a penitentiary.

For the occasion Aladár Horváth wrote an emotional letter to his son giving him advises how to survive the jail.

The letter starts like this:

Szép gyermekem!

Emlékszel, kicsi korodban minden bajra, problémára tudtad a megoldást.
Tőled hallottam először a légszennyezettségre az első szakmai választ: "egyik nap az autók, másnap a teherautók közlekedjenek" - mondtad úgy hat évesen. Ekkortájt kérdeztelek arról, mit javasolsz cigány ügyben a politikusoknak? Azt válaszoltad: "hagyjátok békén a cigányokat, és majd ha én felnövök, és pap leszek, és te meghalsz, majd átmegyek a Parlamenrbe, és megoldom."

(My dear son
Remember, when you were little, you always knew solutions to complex problems. You were the first who gave me a truly professional answer to the question how to fix air pollution: "One day cars, the next day the trucks," you said at age six. Then, I asked your opinion on gypsy affairs? You said, "Leave the Gypsies alone, if I grow up and become a priest, when you will be long dead, I will go to the Parliament and solve it...")

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If you don't understand Hungarian use google translate. Worth reading it!

Here you can watch videos showing the lamentation of family members.


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