Ethnic Hungarian MEP: Slovakia and the Czech republic will let Hungary and Poland down in refugee quota matters

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ethnic Hungarian MEP Pál Csáky does not share the enthusiasm of the Hungarian government regarding the future of the V4 countries. The politician is quite sure that the Czechs and the Slovaks eventually will back out of the V4 alliance.

Csáky commented on the EU quota protocol in Hír TV in the wake of the verdict delivered by European Court of Justice on Wednesday evening.

First of all, launching a court procedure in quota matters wasn't a smart idea; it was foreseeable that the verdict would uphold EU regulations on quotas said the politician.

According to Csáky, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico's more moderate reaction to the verdict is a sign that Slovakia slowly begins to withdraw from the V4 alliance letting Budapest and Warsaw down.

The dream that many Hungarian politicians entertain about the Visegrad Group, namely, that these countries are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder when it comes to protecting their common interests is only a dream and it will remain so in the future as well.

He added that the Czech Republic and Slovakia "will always act according to the expectations of the German government".

The politician believes that after the German elections next year, Berlin will come up with a "new vision" of Europe that the Czechs and Slovaks will embrace.

The MEP has also serious reservations about the long-term future of the Polish-Hungarian alliance, which is overshadowed by both countries different approach to Russia.

According to Csáky, there is a danger that if things go on like this, Hungary will stay alone and will be drifting to the Balkans.

The politician's opinion is that the Hungarian government should soften its position on mass migration. In his view, the border fence is a good thing, but the country should consider accepting a certain number of migrants.

As an example, he mentioned the Slovak position that has just been formulated lately; it states that "Slovakia lets in as many migrants as it wants and it decides what kind of migrants it wants to accept." (Note: This is a very dangerous policy, because if you once open the floodgate there is no way closing it again.)

Csáky noted that he considered the V4 countries as a useful lobbying group, but no more than that. He believes that the enthusiasm of the Hungarian government regarding the future of this group is not shared by Bratislava and Prague.

"I know the views of Slovak and Czech politicians; the common view held by Budapest namely, that the V4 countries can create a serious political counterbalance within the EU is unrealistic.

(Note: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is one of the greatest strategists Hungary has had in a century. He knows what he is doing. He is aware of the concerns Csáky has just raised. I am sure he never does anything serious without having one or two back-up plans, so there is no danger of sitting between two chairs in case the V4 group goes sour. On the other hand, Csáky is right on migration issues. I am sure the prime minister has plans regarding the challenge - yes, accept migrants but only Christian migrants who can be integrated in Hungarian society in no time. Hungary actively supports a number of middle East Christian congregations, which indicates that Hungary might consider accepting Christian migrants from the middle East; a move like this would also take the wind out of the sails of the European Commission that criticises Hungarian stubbornness in migration matters. This would be a win-win situation for Hungary. And don't forget, there are thousands of white South African farmers who are actively looking for a new homeland due to their persecution. Many of them also consider Hungary as a preferred destination. Keep in mind that mass migration is a covert war waged on humanity. It is not a spontaneous phenomenon. It is designed to be an open ended conflict; so it matters not who does what. There will always be an alleged reason to drag a country into the conflict as this is a global war and no nation is allowed to remain neutral. The prime minister knows this. Luckily, after centuries of failed attempts to emerge as winners of global conflicts, today, we have reasons to be optimistic despite the gloom and doom that surround us, simply because we have the right leader at the right time. I believe things will get more animated in Hungary after next year's general elections. Stay tuned!)



Sophie Johnson said...

Thank you, sincerely, for your encouraging commentary on the article you posted. The possibility of Hungary's opting for a white and/or Christian immigrant intake, given that some sort of intake now seems unavoidable,is at least palatable. But my horrible feeling is that the evil EU cabal of globalist-'liberal' ziobolshies will reject a Hungarian choice based on 'racist' and 'discriminatory' (we all know the cant) factors. Yet, as you have said,the PM will have anticipated this eventuality, and has a strategy ready to meet it. Anyway, super post! Thank you.

0jr said...

Czechs and the Slovaks no such animal but are the western zionists creation and remain lap dogs to them

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