Globalist NGO "Migration Aid" this time targeting the small village of Őcsény

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Mayor of the Municipality János Fülöp

Provocation attempt to send migrants from Austria to the small village of Esztergályhorváti was averted a few weeks ago. But globalist NGO Migration Aid can't rest; this time the obnoxious NGO targeting the village of Őcsény in Tolna county.

Migration Aid struck a deal with a local motel owner who agreed to rent rooms to a group of migrants while "vacationing" in the region.

Mayor of the Municipality János Fülöp said although the municipal council didn't have legal means to avert the provocation, the municipality would use all available means to prevent the provocation from taking place; the mayor urged residents to stage civil disobedience so expressing their opposition to the plan.

Residents held a community meeting in the community center on Monday, where apparently the owner of the motel was threatened (most probably by planted globalist agents) - because the goal of the operation is to create a scandal.

Locals supposedly, issued a threat against the owner of the guest house by suggesting if he won't backtrack his house will be set on fire; to show they were serious they vandalized the owner's car during the night (most probably by globalist agents).

The plan is to send a total of 30 migrants into the village. If the operation goes ahead as planned, the migrants will stay in the village only during the night; during the day, they will go to Pécs and other big cities in the region for sightseeing the mayor said.

(Note: It should be obvious for everybody that the aim of the provocation is to stir up anti-government sentiments in the globalist press before the spring general election. However, we can safely say that the provocation won't have any impact because Hungarians are smarter than the troublemakers believe; the majority of them will never buy the vacationing fairytale. If indeed, the globalists want to show the city of Pécs and other big cities to the migrants why don't they house them there? Because there, nobody would notice them and the operation wouldn't have any news value.)

Due to pressure, the owner of the guest house withdrew from the project; so the migrants have to find another "vacation destination."

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