Hungary opposes the new Ukrainian education law

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Photo: Fülöp László

The Hungarian government expressed its strongest opposition against the new education law adopted by the Ukrainian Supreme Council - said Árpád János Potapai State Secretary for National Policy on Wednesday.

The new Ukrainian legislation deprives the national minorities of the country of the opportunity to study in their mother tongue, endangering their survival in their native land said the politician.

The law specifies that the language of secondary and higher education is Ukrainian - minority languages can be used only in kindergartens and elementary schools.

This is an unprecedented violation of the rights of ethnic minorities living in the country, including the 150,000 strong Hungarian minority, and it violates the constitution of Ukraine as well - added the Secretary of State.

Ukraine has pledged to fulfill its international obligations defined in the Hungarian-Ukrainian basic treaty including the fundamental human rights, and freedoms of ethnic minorities.

At high level meetings Ukrainian leaders, in the spirit of good neighbourly relations, assured the Hungarian side that the rights of the Hungarian minority wouldn't be curbed; but the new education law does exactly that stressed the Hungarian politician.

The Hungarian government expects Ukraine to amend the new law so that it can maintain minority language rights in the education system said Potápi.

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khan said...
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donaltrump said...

The law also violates several international agreements which Ukraine had promised to fulfil as part of its European Union accession plans, including making education and training available in the mother tongue at all levels, the ministry said in a statement.
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