Katinka Hosszú announced the expansion of her company - Iron Corporation - with a new media division

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Iron Corporation is growing

One year before yesterday the new members of Iron Aquatics jumped into the pool for the first time. I remember what a fantastic feeling it was to see the enthusiasm and the determination in the eyes of the kids.

Enthusiasm, determination – if these two feelings are there inside you, you can do way more than you could imagine. Enthusiasm towards work, even if it is tough and exhaustive, and a strong determination that nobody can divert us from the road that we set for ourselves.

These feelings are fueling me and our company Iron Corporation since its foundation. I believe that today is just as important in our life as the above one was a year ago. I proudly announce that starting this November a new division of will open, the media and content development department.

We have multiple goals in this new area. It makes us happy and proud that so many of you are keen to know more about us, and we would like to make sure that all those interested get regular and high-quality contents about what is happening to us. Also, we would like to make Iron Nation a community where people know each other and have the chance to reach out to us, and by developing our own type of contents it will become easier. Of course we have some long-term and ambitious plans as well – maybe it is a bit too early to talk about these, but the time will come shortly.

To take charge of the new department we needed an experienced professional. Someone whose work is well-known to us, who has the same way of thinking as us, and who we already have an established relationship with. Our nominee was the studio host and commentator of Sport TV, Csaba Szaniszló, who after lengthy conversations said yes to us, and after working for 12 years at the first ever Hungarian thematic sports channel, will now leave his position to join the Iron team.

Besides being the commentator and studio host of multiple great sport events, in recent years he was responsible for the acquisitions of Hungarian and international sports media rights, he partnered up with one of his colleagues to create the channel’s US major sport talkshow Trash Talk, filmed his first ever documentary this year about the journey of the only ever Hungarian NBA player, Kornél Dávid, and spent his summer as the man responsible for the international TV broadcasters of the FINA World Championship in Budapest.

We have been planning the future of Iron Network as a team with him since June, and you will be able to watch, listen and read the results of this process shortly. One year after the launch of Iron Aquatics this is another milestone in our life, and we are sure that this will not be the last one.

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